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Symple is a new kind of personal loans company that digitally connects Australian borrowers and investors to offer better value to both.
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Symple’s Formula For Better Rates And A Better Experience

Here’s the reality. Competition in personal loans has been limited among traditional lenders in Australia. As a result, interest rates paid by credit-worthy customers are much higher than they should be.

The Benefits

By doing business online, and streamlining our processes, we’re able to keep our costs down. This allows us to offer market leading interest rates and to invest in things that make the loan experience better for our customers.

1 Since we’re a digital lender, we don’t have bricks-and-mortar branches so we have low operational costs which allows us to pass those savings on to our customers in the form of lower rates.

2 Our online application has been engineered for ease and simplicity. We can collect the information we need digitally, use that to customise an offer and provide a response in just 60 seconds.

3 Our skilled and friendly customer service experts are based in Melbourne, Australia and are ready to assist over the phone or online with whatever questions arise.

4 We value feedback and use that to continuously invest in new and innovative capabilities to make the lending experience the best we can for our customers.

Personalised Pricing

At Symple, our application assessment and underwriting process allows us to better understand the specific circumstances of each applicant and then offer interest rates and loan terms that are specific to you.

We reward customers who have the highest credit scores, with interest rates generally well below what most major banks offer. But that also means our rates may not be better for those with credit scores that are not quite as strong.

By using the Symple Loan Check My Rate feature, you’ll get a personalised indicative rate in just 2 minutes (and before you apply). You can then use that rate to compare against what others are offering, so that you get the best rate available.

Interest Rate

Your application information and credit history are used to offer the best interest rate we can – starting at 5.75% to 25.99% p.a which are dependent on things such as your credit score and historical repayment history amongst other things.

Loan Establishment Fee

A one-time charge based on and added to the loan amount when funds are deposited in your account.
0% to 5%

Comparison Rate

The loan interest rate, plus fees and charges which helps you compare and get the best rate.
6.47% to 29.20% p.a.**

Check My Rate

Easy Process. Fast Decisions. Funded Next Business Day.

Don’t spend your entire day applying for a loan and then several more days or weeks waiting for approval and funding. Our fast and efficient digital loan application means that the money can be in your account the next business day.

service Step 1 - Get Your Rate Quick Quote 2 minutes
Check your personalised interest rate to decide if a Symple loan is right for you.
service Step 2 - Submit Application Application 7 minutes
Have your personal information ready and then complete our short online application.
service Step 3 - Get Approved Response 60 Seconds
Based on the information you provide, you’ll get a response back in literally just 1 minute.
service Step 4 - Get Your Money Funds Transfer 1 Business Day
Within 24 hours, we'll initiate the money transfer to your account.

Get Started With A Personalised Quick Quote Rate

Check your rate in just 2 minutes. It won’t impact your credit score.

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